Clubs and amateur artistic activities

The purpose of the school's clubs is to create conditions for the creative, intellectual, spiritual and physical development of students in their free time, to prepare students for life in the context of the transition to a market economy, and to introduce qualitatively new forms and methods of organizing extracurricular activities.

In accordance with the technical focus and psychological characteristics of the students, the school's clubs are classified into the following profiles:

  • production and technical
  • sports
  • amateur artistic activity
  • intellectual

The industrial and technical profile includes clubs that combine education with on-the-job training for the purpose of career guidance and vocational training. These include technical creativity clubs aimed at familiarizing students with the means and results of achievements in a particular professional activity, and self-training in a chosen profession.

A significant part of the work of sports clubs is the participation of students in sports competitions and contests, which are an effective form of summarizing the work of the club as a whole and the achievements of its individual members.

Amateur art clubs play an important role in extracurricular educational work. The educational value of pupils' participation in the clubs is that art aesthetically develops them, awakens a sense of responsibility, and a collective experience of success. Students have the opportunity to express their creativity.

The work of the clubs is supervised by experienced masters and staff, who are true experts in their field and pay much attention to individual work with students, which helps to reveal their creative abilities, enriches the spiritual world of students, and reveals their personality.

The result of this work is the constant participation of the students in regional competitions and exhibitions and winning prizes.