Public information

Constituent documents of the educational institution

Licenses to conduct educational activities

Certificates of accreditation of educational programs

Structure and governing bodies of an educational institution

Staffing of the educational institution in accordance with the license conditions

Educational and educational and professional programs implemented in a professional higher education institution and a list of educational components provided by the relevant program

Information on the licensed volume of a professional higher education institution for each specialty

Language(s) of the educational process

Availability of vacant positions, procedure for their filling

Material and technical support of the educational institution (in accordance with the license conditions)

Availability of dormitories and free places in them, the amount of accommodation fees

Results of monitoring the quality of education

Annual report on the activities of the educational institution

Annual report of the head on the implementation of the development strategy of a professional higher education institution, a structural subdivision of a higher education institution, or another legal entity whose main activity is educational activities in the field of professional higher education

Rules for admission to an educational institution

Conditions of accessibility of an educational institution for the education of persons with special educational needs

Amount of fees for education, training, and advanced training of students

List of additional educational and other services, their cost, procedure for provision and payment

Rules of conduct of the student in the educational institution

Action plan to prevent and combat bullying (harassment) in an educational institution

Procedure for submission and consideration (with confidentiality) of statements on cases of bullying (harassment) in an educational institution

The procedure for responding to proven cases of bullying (harassment) in an educational institution and the responsibility of persons involved in bullying (harassment)

Budget of an educational institution

Estimates of the educational institution

Financial report on the receipt and use of all funds received

Information on the list of goods, works and services received as charitable assistance, indicating their value, as well as funds received from other sources not prohibited by law

Other information disclosed by the decision of the educational institution or as required by law