Material and technical support

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Education" and the requirements of other regulatory documents on educational institutions, the school administration and teaching staff systematically take care of improving the material and technical base. The school has all the necessary equipment for the educational process:

  • four-storey building with an area of 2352.7 m2 ;
  • two two-storey educational buildings with an area of 1862.6 m2, which are equipped with modern classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and a modern training and practical center for the Road Transport program;
  • a 250-bed dormitory with an area of 3129.0 square meters2, which houses training workshops, with an area of 180.7 m2, їдальня-буфет – 86,1 м2;

- sports hall 151 m2, gym with an area of 30m2..

Due attention is paid to the formation of the main sources of informatization of both the educational process and the activities of the administration, research and teaching staff, and students, which is determined by the following main areas:

  • provision of modern computer equipment and multimedia tools;
  • acquisition of licensed software products for social and humanitarian disciplines, fundamental and professional training, development of software for each of the disciplines;
  • creation of a computer network using Internet technologies;
  • creation of a database of state standards, research and methodological works and implementation of an automated system for forecasting its quality;

The school has adequate living conditions for students. There is a dormitory with 250 beds, a medical center, and an assembly hall with 230 seats.

Classrooms and laboratories are certified for compliance with material and technical, sanitary and hygienic, educational and methodological readiness for the start of the school year, which is confirmed by the acceptance certificates for classrooms/laboratories.

In order to expand the capabilities of the computer base of the educational institution, an integrated approach to the organization of the functioning of three computer rooms was applied, which involves the use of modern virtualization technologies and terminal servers. The electronic information environment meets the requirements of modernity and is in the process of continuous hardware and software updating and covers the work of all participants in the educational process.

The total amount of computer equipment in the educational institution is 85 units, of which 45 units have been in operation for no more than 8 years. The educational process is supported by 61 units of computer equipment.

All the school's computers are connected to the Internet. The school has 15 multimedia projectors and 4 interactive panels. The classrooms are constantly updated with new equipment and visuals.

There is a dining room with 150 seats.

The school has the necessary infrastructure to provide training, organize the life and leisure of students, which is confirmed by the indicators of licensing requirements.

The educational and material base meets the requirements of the curricula and programs, allows them to be implemented in full and contributes to the quality training of qualified workers. The sanitary and technical condition of the buildings is satisfactory. All floors have equipped and functioning bathrooms. The necessary conditions have been created for students to observe personal hygiene. The operation of the material and technical base is carried out at the proper level, and the correctness of operation is constantly monitored by responsible persons and the administration. Material assets and equipment are assigned to the heads of classrooms and laboratories, who are financially responsible persons.

For physical education classes, the school has a 151-meter gymnasium2, gym with an area of 30m2equipped in accordance with the requirements, and a sports ground. The gym and sports ground are 100% equipped with sports equipment. The existing sports and physical education facilities meet the requirements and provide quality physical training for students. There are sports sections for football, table tennis, and volleyball. Students take an active part in city and regional sports competitions.

The material and technical equipment and educational and methodological support of classrooms and workshops makes it possible to implement training programs in all types of training by 100%.

In November 2020, a educational and practical center was opened in the field of Motor Transport, which consists of classrooms (classroom for vocational and theoretical training, traffic rules and basics of traffic safety), a laboratory of internal combustion engines, a workshop for diagnostics and repair of wheeled vehicles, a car mechanic workshop, which are equipped with modern training facilities, equipment, tools, operating stands, didactic materials and comprehensive methodological support.

In December 2021, the educational and practical center "Hairdressing" was opened, which consists of three training and production workshops and a room for professional and theoretical training. On the basis of the modern training center, students will have the opportunity to receive initial vocational training, retraining and advanced training in the professions of Hairdresser (hairdresser-model), Manicurist, Makeup Artist, Pedicurist.

In April 2023, the Educational and Practical Center for Information and Digital Technologies was opened on the basis of the educational institution, which consists of two modern computer laboratories, a modernized math room, and a STEM laboratory, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional State Administration, the Lviv IT Cluster, the EU4Skills program: "Best Skills for Modern Ukraine", and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). In pairs, students learn the basics of programming and create their first projects.