International cooperation

In cooperation with the international HoReCa project, the company plans to open a food industry training center in the near future to introduce the latest technologies in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Within the framework of the international joint program of the EU and its member states Germany, Finland, Poland and Estonia to support the reform of vocational education in Ukraine "EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine", the school is participating in a project to create a Center of Professional Excellence, a place where not only schoolchildren will be able to acquire a profession, but also adults will be able to study. There will be short-term programs to acquire various competencies, and an inclusive form of education will be introduced.

At the same time, within the framework of the EU4Skills: Best Skills for Modern Ukraine" program, a project is being developed to reconstruct the premises of the educational institution to create a material and technical base for the introduction of new professions such as "Electric and gas welder", "Master of diagnostics and adjustment of electronic equipment of motor vehicles", "Mechatronics technician", "Master of installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems".