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Vocational education. Keeping the line

Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 introduces advanced educational technologies

We are talking about the current state of vocational education, its opportunities and prospects with the director of the Lviv Higher Vocational School №29, Roman Stetsky.
- Ukraine has faced a difficult test with the war against the racist aggressor. How has vocational education adapted to martial law?
- Like all our people, we are holding the line and contributing to the victory and bright future of an independent Ukraine. We understand that the need for workers is urgent and will continue to grow, as the war has changed our lives. The educational process at the Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 is carried out in a flexible format. Our teachers keep in constant touch with students, conduct theoretical classes according to the program and practical training in a mixed form (online and offline whenever possible).
- Your school is one of the most promising vocational education institutions in Lviv region. What is the secret of your success?
- We rely on many years of experience of the educational institution and modern trends in vocational education. We started our educational activities in 1944 as a vocational school No. 3. Since then, the school has trained over 14 thousand skilled workers. The school is developing rapidly. Today, it is a multidisciplinary vocational education institution that provides degree-level training of highly skilled workers for the automotive, food, IT, and hospitality industries in Lviv, Lviv region, and Ukraine.
- Tell us about the material and technical base of the school.
- Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 has a modern material and technical base for the educational and production process at the school. In particular, there are powerful training and practical centers for the practical training of future specialists: "Motor Transport, Information Technology, and Hairdressing, as well as modern classrooms that have been converted.
Over the past five years, based on the results of participation in various regional and national competitions of vocational education institutions and the number of prizes, Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 has been ranked the highest.
For theoretical training, spiritual and cultural development of students, the library has relevant literature. There is an assembly hall for scientific and practical conferences and celebrations dedicated to national and religious holidays. For physical education, there are sports and gymnasiums. There is a dining room for 120 seats. Students who come to study from other cities of Ukraine have the opportunity to live in a comfortable dormitory. These are our powerful resources for the education of 850 students.
- What popular professions are currently taught at the school?
- Young men are eagerly choosing professions in the automotive industry. Today, more than ever, you need to be mobile. Cars are a necessity for Ukraine's defenders, volunteers and ordinary citizens. And they are always needed in civilian life.
Our school trains specialists who know how to maintain and repair cars. Qualified teachers teach future motorists to work on modern equipment.
In November 2020, the school opened a training and practical center in the field of Road Transport to train them. It includes classrooms (for vocational and theoretical training, traffic rules and basic traffic safety), internal combustion engine laboratories, wheeled vehicle diagnostic and repair workshops. There are also car mechanic workshops equipped with modern training facilities: equipment, tools, stands, didactic materials and comprehensive methodological support.
The Road Transport Training Center was funded by a special fund of the educational institution, extra-budgetary funds, charitable contributions, and sponsorship from enterprises, organizations, and social partners.
On the basis of the established training and practical center, we train skilled workers in the following professions: wheeled vehicle repairman, manual electric welder, driver of vehicles of categories B and C.
In the future, we plan to start training qualified workers in the following professions: "Master of diagnostics and adjustment of electronic equipment of motor vehicles", "Electric and gas welder", "Body straightener". The vocational training provides services for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
- Are culinary professions in demand among young people?
- Of course. Such professions are always popular in the labor market. In any situation, you need to be able to cook and serve food, and serve customers well. It's not just about simple, familiar food and drinks. The food industry is constantly evolving. Today, to work in a prestigious restaurant, cafe, or even a school cafeteria, you need to have the skills to work with modern equipment and the latest technologies.
Ukraine is implementing an updated curriculum for the training of chefs in the profession of "Cook". In 2021, the EU4Skills program developed a new professional standard for the training of chefs. Our school is participating in a pilot project to implement it. This made it possible to purchase new equipment, workwear, and textbooks for the training of modern food professionals.
- Are hairdressing professions still relevant?
- Of course. People always need hairdressing services. And due to the fact that many Ukrainians, fleeing from racist aggressors, found refuge in Lviv, the population of our city has increased. Consequently, the need for service professionals has increased.
The school trains highly skilled craftsmen. The teaching staff constantly monitors industry trends and introduces innovations into the educational process. Our apprentices and masters of industrial training have repeatedly won professional competitions of the highest level.
We are updating and modernizing the material and technical base for training students. At the end of last year, we opened the Hairdressing Training Center at the expense of the school, which was received for the internship and participation in the dual education program with our social partners. The new modern educational space consists of three training and production workshops and a professional and theoretical training room.
On the basis of the modern EPC, students will have the opportunity to receive primary vocational training, retraining and advanced training in the professions of Hairdresser (hairdresser-model), Manicurist, Makeup Artist, Pedicurist.
- How do you train future IT professionals?
- Nowadays, computer skills are at the peak of popularity. At the school, students are trained in the modernized specialty of Information and Software Processing Operator. To train them, we have equipped two new computer rooms with 32 workstations.
Vocational education at the school is being modernized through participation in the Lviv IT Cluster Academy project. A team of experts from the Lviv IT Cluster, IT companies, and the school itself worked on reforming the curriculum and educational process at Lviv Higher Vocational School №29. The project is supported by the Lviv Regional State Administration and Lviv City Council.
Our teachers and employees of Lviv IT companies teach students the basics of programming and ESP. Also, thanks to the Department of Education of the Lviv Regional State Administration, at the end of last year we equipped a modern math classroom with an interactive touch panel.
We plan to launch more STEM laboratories next year. So, our school will have a whole technological center. I am confident that our graduates will be able to work in great companies and receive decent salaries.
- What are your plans for the future?
- We believe in Ukraine's victory in the war against the Russian invader. We are constantly providing assistance to people forced to leave their homes because of the war with the Russian invader. We help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, the Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 has ambitious plans.
In particular, thanks to the established cooperation with the international HoReCa project, in the near future, it is planned to open a training and practical center for the food industry with the introduction of the latest technologies in the restaurant business and hospitality industry.
Also in the format of the EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine" program, we are also developing a project to reconstruct the premises of the educational institution to create the material and technical base for the introduction of new professions: "Electric and gas welder", "Master of diagnostics and adjustment of electronic equipment of motor vehicles", "Mechatronics technician", "Master of installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems".
- What do you dream about?
- We dream that peace will reign on our land, and that Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 will make a worthy contribution to the development of our country and its European future. The goal of the school's staff is to train modern specialists with deep professional skills, knowledge, organizational skills, scientific thinking, creative approach to solving problems, with the ability to continuously update and enrich their knowledge, know the basics of the market economy, and apply them in practice. We train European-level specialists and educate them to be patriots of Ukraine.
Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 invites 9th and 11th grade graduates to study!
Every Tuesday from 13.00 to 16.00, you can visit the school, meet the administration and teachers, see the training and practical centers, classrooms, workshops, get information and choose a relevant profession.
Address of the school:
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