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Educational qualification level "skilled worker"

Professions based on basic secondary education of 9th grade:

  • wheeled vehicle repairman, manual electric welder, driver of motor vehicles of categories B and C;
  • operator of information and software processing;
  • cook, waiter;
  • cook, pastry chef;
  • hairdresser (hairdresser-model), manicurist;
  • hairdresser (hairdresser-model), makeup artist.

Professions based on complete secondary education of 11 grades:

  • wheeled vehicle repairman;
  • cook, bartender;
  • hairdresser (hairdresser-model);
  • Master of diagnostics and adjustment of electronic equipment of automotive vehicles.

Educational and professional degree "professional junior bachelor"

Specialties based on the educational and qualification level of a skilled worker:

  • Automobile transport;
  • Food technology.

Form of study: daytime

Tuition fees: free of charge

Main goal

  • The state educational institution Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 provides degree-level training for highly skilled workers in the machine-building, food, general industry and service sectors of the Lviv region and Ukraine.We invite you to study with us!

Educational and practical center.

Career Center

We offer it to students and graduates:

  • assistance in finding a job;
  • providing information on current vacancies, internships and other opportunities from employers;
  • professional and motivating master classes from successful practitioners;
  • trainings on the development of personal, professional, career, and entrepreneurial competencies, career counseling on resume writing and interviewing with employers.

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