Dormitory and dining room

The design capacity of the dormitory is 250 beds.

There are no free places to stay.

Accommodation in the dormitory is free of charge.


The student dormitory is our home

The vast majority of students studying at LHVS №29 are from other cities. Undoubtedly, for many of them, the dormitory becomes not just a place of residence, but a second home.

Of course, no less important than the educational and production process, which leads to the training of highly skilled workers and the education of a developed conscious citizen is the provision of proper social and living conditions for students in the dormitory, as well as meaningful recreation and leisure.

On the one hand, the environment of a student's dormitory hardens and disciplines the student's character, provides him or her with the opportunity to gain life experience and skills of independent adult life, and develops the ability to take responsibility for his or her life, health, and actions; on the other hand, the student team of the dormitory provides the experience of coexistence in a team, the opportunity to feel the role and importance of friendly support and mutual respect between people. All of this undoubtedly contributes to the successful social adaptation of the future employee.

The plan of educational work in the dormitory includes sections:

  1. Organizational work (placing students in rooms, organizing the work of the dormitory council, involving students in clubs, etc.)
  2. Moral and ethical education (through national, patriotic, legal, labor, aesthetic, physical, and environmental education).
  3. Individual work with students. Work with parents (Based on observation, a psychological and pedagogical profile should be drawn up for each difficult student, and conversations and individual consultations on self-education, compliance with the dormitory's charter, internal regulations, personal hygiene, communication culture, errand fulfillment, etc. should be planned. Communication with parents)
  4. Cultural and mass work (express information, theme nights, meetings with interesting people, debates, TV reviews, comedians, excursions, etc.).
  5. Self-service and household work (organization of self-service, competitions: "Coziness", "Best Room", room equipment, life, health, and outdoor area improvement, and campaigns: "Keep Warm", "Save Electricity")

The system of educational work in the dormitory is based on student self-government. The governing body of student self-government in the dormitory is the Dormitory Council, which is an integral part of student self-government.



At your service is the DINING ROOM!

Proper nutrition is the key to the health of the younger generation. Hot meals for students during their stay in an educational institution are one of the important conditions for maintaining their health and ability to learn effectively.

 The school is organized:

  • preferential meals for students
  • complex lunches for students, which are served by students under the guidance of masters of catering
  • Delicacies and confectionery from the SMAK production workshop