Student self-government


The student government council is a voluntary organization of students that operates on a voluntary basis, has a legal and democratic organization and is guided by universal moral principles. Student self-government is an effective structural unit that opens up wide opportunities for students' self-realization, guides them to achieve socially useful goals, protects children's rights, diverts attention from antisocial forms of behavior, and fills extracurricular activities with interesting and meaningful things to do.

The student government operates in accordance with the Charter. The Student Council of Lviv Higher Vocational School №29 is the central body of the student self-government of the educational institution.

The student self-government commission focuses on improving the quality of education, implementing the requirements of the school's working hours, organizing students' leisure time, and developing students' initiative and creative activities. The members of the commission are responsible for a specific area of work. The commissions meet once a month.

The school's student committee plans its work for the year by sections:

  • Training;
  • Sports and healthy lifestyle;
  • Social protection;
  • Patriotic education;
  • Socially beneficial activities
  • Cultural events;
  • Discipline and legal culture.

The student committee is headed by second-year student Pisna Olga.

The students' committee initiates interesting events and campaigns: "The City Blossoms with Us", "Thanks to the Defenders of Ukraine", "Red Cross", "Give a Child a Holiday".

Students take part in school-wide and regional amateur art competitions, regional sports competitions, and the Freshman Festival; competitions "Autumn Vernissage", "Golden Wing", "Velvet Colors", "Art-i-Shock", "Dance Yard", "Protect Yourself", children's drawing competition "Occupational Safety through the Eyes of Children", drill competition, celebration of the Heroes' Day, and themed evenings dedicated to the ZUNR, UPA, Heroes of Kruty, Unity of Ukraine, meetings with ATO/JFO soldiers.

They are active participants in the intellectual games "What? Where? When?", "Brain Ring", the all-Ukrainian children's and youth military-patriotic game "Sokil" ("Dzhura"), and others.

With the participation of members of the student government, raids are conducted to check the sanitary condition of dorm rooms and to verify that students comply with the school's internal regulations and dormitory.