About the survey

According to the standards and recommendations for quality assurance in the European Education Area, students are key stakeholders in the internal quality assurance system. In order to implement the principle of "student-centered learning" and protect the basic interests of students to receive quality education fairly, the Higher Vocational School No. 29 in Lviv conducts surveys of students.

The results of the survey are taken into account when:

  • improving the educational process at the school;
  • modification of educational and professional programs;
  • forming a teacher rating;
  • rewarding teachers with high rating scores based on the results of the survey;
  • identifying teachers who need to undergo professional development as a matter of priority if they received low scores in the survey.

Dear students, we ask you to actively participate in the survey and answer the questions. Your sincere answers will help to improve the quality of the educational process and the level of teaching at the school. All surveys are anonymous, and the results will be used in a generalized form.